Improve business efficiency and profitability with a CRM database solution

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) makes all this possible because CRM centralises all your contacts – making managing, organising, recording, tracking and scheduling all contact interactions simple. Achieve more in less time.

CRM facilitates team collaboration, enabling the sharing of contact information between office staff and all field based staff from sales teams to engineers.

Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager, trusted by individuals, SME’s and sales teams around the world since 1987 – 30 years!

Think of Act! as your business ‘command centre’, giving you a 360-degree view of your customers so you can be better prepared and focused on providing a unique customer experience. Act! seamlessly interacts with the business and social tools you rely on – Outlook®, Google™, Dropbox, iCloud®, Facebook®, and LinkedIn®.

Act! Premium and Act Premium Cloud include emarketing, taking the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage with prospects and customers.


FIELDMOTION provide easy to use workflow management software maximising productivity and efficiency with field based staff. The aim is to reduce unnecessary time filling out paperwork.

FIELDMOTION workflow management software runs on an employees existing mobile device. Saving time and cost whilst delivering excellent customer service and enhancing company brand and image.

Fieldmotion’s solution enables real time interaction between the field and the office to seamlessly streamline communication with customers. This organically increases revenue margin and cash flow.


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Better customer relationships translate into a shorter sales cycle and increased repeat business.
The end result is happier customers, proving CRM provides one of the fastest return on investment of any business process.


Smarter Business is an Irish database and CRM consultancy, specialising in boosting organisational efficiency, productivity, marketing, sales and customer services. Focusing on business process improvement and systems integrations we help you achieve the KPI’s that make all these benefits possible.


Have you already got lists of contacts? Do you just need to have them all in one place? We turn raw contacts into a powerful fully segmented and searchable database. By extracting the raw data from your existing sources of customer information we build the backbone of your business information system.


Investing in ACT! or Fieldmotion software is just the first step to maximising your organisation’s potential. Gaining a competitive edge means doing things better than others therefore having competent, trained staff will enable you to fully exploit its potential.


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The reality is organisations are ultimately about people; you need brilliant people and they need to work brilliantly together. However by simplifying how people work you might find everyone in your organisation is brilliant. By finding the areas that can be improved, Smarter Business can simplify how you do business.

Is there an easier way to run your organisation?

How much time do you and your staff spend on administration?

Where are the workflow bottlenecks and what needs to be done to remove them?

Are you looking to implement an ISO quality management system or other industry quality certifications? Working with Smarter Business we can customise a CRM solution for your industry that will deliver a faster return on investment and long term results.

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