Drawing on more than 30 years experience in Business Development, Patrick Lennon started Smarter Business. His mission was simple: to make business easier.

CRM expertise with 30 years sales and marketing experience

Patrick’s early career was demanding. Working for SMEs, he was required to build his customer base from scratch. But this sink or swim sales environment was a very valuable grounding. In order to remain on target, new customers had to be found all the time. It was a balancing act – working to service existing clients while also searching for new ones.

Stretched between these two essential roles, he needed a system to organise a growing list of contacts and manage his time effectively. The breakthrough came when Patrick first encountered contact management software. Working with an embryonic version of CRM, he set about customising basic company systems to meet specific business demands.

Company Directors sat up and took notice. They saw Patrick’s special understanding of workflow and its integration into CRM systems as an easy win. It increased productivity, reduced staff stress and simplified customer acquisition and retention. Buy-in from Director level to sales and office personnel was always assured because Patrick involved everyone in the CRM design process and then personally trained everyone and even developed custom training materials for each individual business.


Patrick Lennon’s early career in Ireland and the UK was primarily in the Business 2 Business arena. Initially, he focused on providing and installing audio visual and video conferencing solutions. Later, he specialised in designing and selling integrated security systems.

Throughout this time Patrick encountered a wide range of customers and prospects, often with quite different job descriptions and professional priorities. The experience and insight gained while selling into numerous and contrasting vertical markets, gave him hands-on experience of how to squeeze maximum benefit out of CRM systems.

Again and again, Sales Directors, Administrators, Finance Managers and countless Sales Reps would seek Patrick’s advice about their CRM systems. Eventually, the penny dropped and Smarter Business was established.

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