Why Invest in CRM?


Are you looking at implementing a database or CRM system for your company? Not quite
sure how to get started and ensure that the project does not fail? Let us help you to Get It.

Reasons why organisations look for CRM

  • Training so everyone knows how to input and manage information on contacts and organise leads
  • Tailored one-to-one or group training packages for directors, managers and employees with different job functions.
  • Flexible tailored training approach, incorporating several different learning styles to suit different organisation.
  • We avoid getting overly technical and keep training relevant to participant’s position.
  • Get CRM hints, tips and advice you won’t find in any manual.
  • We show how to use your CRM to win new business, retain existing customers and increase profitability.

Building your Database

Have you already got lists of contacts? Do you need to have them all in one place?

We turn your contacts into a powerful fully segmented and searchable database. By extracting the raw data from your existing sources of customer information: Outlook, gmail, excel or google spreadsheets, accounts software, LinkedIn, mobile phones, website enquiries, other social media and even paper documents, we build the backbone of your business information system.

Bought or acquired a contact list? No problem, hire Smarter Business to format the data so it can be imported in your CRM system.

14 Reasons to invest in a CRM Solution

  1. Be organised: Centralised recording and tracking of all interactions with customers, leads and contacts.
  2. Your memory is not perfect! CRM tracks potential sales so nothing ever “falls through the cracks”
  3. CRM ensures if staff leave or go on holidays, your most valuable asset – customer data stay with you
  4. CRM keeps everything all in one place – contact emails, tasks, meetings, notes, potential sales and event opportunities
  5. Helps your team to effortlessly share information about your contacts, whether they’re in the office or on the road
  6. Keeps on top of business activities and follow-ups
  7. Manages your business operations from the same place you keep your customer details
  8. CRM keep specific groups or lists of different contacts
  9. Keeps a summary of activities for a given account, even when multiple contacts and staff are involved
  10. CRM provides better customer service by empowering staff with the right information
  11. Improves productivity by integrating with your other business systems from email marketing, telephone to accounts etc.
  12. Aids you to produce reports that are critical, but time consuming and complicated to create manually
  13. Automate repetitive tasks and business processes, saving time thus lowering costs
  14. Aid with effective marketing with on up-to-date prospect and customer information