Customisation and Database Design

No CRM is meant to be a one size fits all organisations! Hire us and have your CRM your way!


Making your system useful

Most CRM software provides standard functionality right out of the box. To turn it into a real business differentiator our consultation services are on hand to help you get the most from the system by customising it specifically for the way your business works.

We can tailor your system starting by using your organisations “vocabulary”, to what you want to track, who should have access to what, required reports, how the user interface should look and other ways that the software can be customised so that it is just easier to use, giving your organisation a competitive advantage.

  • Database fields & industry specific screen layouts
  • Custom schema / custom tables
  • Web form integration
  • Document, email & emarketing templates
  • Staff security roles and user permissions
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Workflow and process automation

Reports, Dashboards and Insights

See you Act! data from a perspective you may not have seen before! Get a handle on your organisations critical business metrics gaining a deeper understanding of individuals and team performance.

Act! provides 88 pre-configured reports covering contacts, Groups, Companies, Opportunities, Sales Pipeline and activities. Smarter Business provides custom reporting services and report automation – emailing them on a time specific basis
Act! Dashboards and Insights (available for Premium & Cloud subscribers) provides a comprehensive, visual summary of activities and opportunities in a single view. Tracking KPIs and other business metrics the dashboards provide an at-a-glance, graphical and list representation of this information in an interactive format.

Get valuable insights into your organisation, let us create custom reports, dashboards and new insights based on Act! capabilities or using 3rd party addons from Topline Results, Durkin and Microsoft BI.

Act CRM API integration

Connect | Integrate

Making your system even more useful

Get your apps talking. Speed up workflow and eliminate duplication. Get us to set up your application integrations and application connections.

Integrate your disconnected processes so all your business systems work as one. Improving workflow will enable your business to become more agile and responsive to your customers and changes in the marketplace.

The benefits of integration combined with automation will be a more productive organisation with reduced costs. App integrations and automation are no longer the preserve of large organisations, we make it affordable.

  • eCommerce
  • Business productivity
  • Sales & marketing apps
  • Web forms and enquiries
  • Customer service
  • Accounting and back office

Automation and Connections

Grow your business and improve workflow with add-on’s to automate and connect with other business systems. Say goodbye to time consuming repetitive tasks. Setting up automation can be time consuming and complicated so call in the experts – Smarter Business.
The benefits of automation combined with app integration will be a more productive organisation with reduced costs. Automation and integration are no longer the preserve of large organisations, we make it affordable.


Say goodbye to time consuming repetitive tasks. Act! Smart Tasks and addon products from Topline Results, other app developers and integrator such as Zapier, Cloud-Elements etc offer organisations the opportunity to automate time consuming repetitive tasks. Setting up automation can be time consuming and complicated so call in the experts – Smarter Business.
Successful CRM relies on the use of technology and by customising, automating and integrating, you will bring it to the very heart of your organisation

  • Emarketing auto responder and specific template choice.
  • Sales reporting and email alerts based on activity rules
  • Date based event reporting: Service, subscriptions, events
  • Organisation specific – if event A occurs, this changes field B in CRM
  • Get Smarter Business to set up app connections and automation for you

Teams | Depts Management

Choose who has access to what information. Act! offers advanced Team and Department capabilities found in supposedly high end CRM solutions. Smarter Business tailors Act! to suit your organisations Teams, Departments and Senior Management requirements.

  • Schedule activities for others
  • Assign contacts & opportunities to users
  • Field Security – Full Access, Read only or no Access
  • Users permissions – Browse, Standard, Manager, Administrator
  • Private contacts or Team permissions – Access to certain contact records only

CRM automation and integration gives your organisation the competitive advantage.

Be more productive | Simplify Management | Reduce Costs

Web form capture CRM Integration Benefits:

Web form capture CRM Integration Benefits:

Many businesses have an online presence and use forms to capture and generate leads from landing pages, gather feedback from website visitors and invite customers and prospects to upcoming events. CRM integration can offer:

  • Form integration will speed up time from form enquiry to sales action
  • Get accurate and up to date enquiry information to your sales and support teams
  • Significantly reduce cost of manual data re-entry and report generation
  • Lower ongoing system administration expenses
  • Manage and simplify business processes via workflow
  • Reduce overall website maintenance costs
  • Save valuable time and resources

With Act! Growth Suite web forms, landing pages and surveys integrated within Act! it is simple and quick. It saves time and streamlines the lead generation process by capturing website visitor’s information directly into your CRM. We can also provide automated integration with other web forms such as Wufoo.

Email Integration and Marketing Automation Benefits:

Email Integration and Marketing Automation Benefits:

With Act! emarketing emails are easy to create, send and track. No more spending time importing and exporting of contacts to 3rd party email systems. Act! lets you easily segment your contact recipients and email your message to them. It is cost-effective and a very time efficient way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. Want to know the hottest leads to follow up? No problem Act! emarketing includes Call lists (lead scoring) to help generate sales.

Want to send Surveys through Act! CRM? Swiftpage surveys are also integrated with Act!

Using Mailchimp, Constant Contact or other popular email marketing tools? We offer integration for these and most other email marketing systems. Smarter Business can assist with marketing automation software to help you with:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Database segmentation
  • Drip email campaign builder
  • Sales alerts
  • Forms, subscriptions, payments

Act! Companion mobile app

Act! Companion mobile app

Sales and service personnel are already using smartphones so make them more productive. Start reaping substantial improvements from their business and give them access to customers and prospects on their devices and at no additional cost when using Act! Self hosted or Act! Cloud on subscription.
Mobile technology usage research shows the following:

  • Increase field selling time 26%
  • Eliminate redundant activities 27%
  • Increase win rates 26%
  • Reduce sales call costs 25%
  • Decrease administrative time 24%
  • Decrease sales cycle 23%

Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact

The leading mobile solution for Act! CRM is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets!
Handheld Contact Professional Edition lets you view and manage your Act! CRM contacts, activities, calendar, notes, history items, and more from our feature-rich Android app. All Handheld Contact mobile device apps securely store your Act! data on the mobile device, so you can continue working with it even if you’re out of WiFi or mobile network range.

Handheld Contact intelligently syncs your data between configured mobile devices and Act! computers when there is an internet connection. When working without an internet connection, everything will be updated the next time you connect.

Watch the video to see how it could work for your organisation:

constant contact

Accounting & CRM Integration Benefits:

Accounting & CRM Integration Benefits:

Close more sales by streamlining business processes starting with your accounting system: Sage, Xero or QuickBooks.


  • Faster responses to customers by allowing sales and service personnel to respond promptly to customer enquiries on order status and product details. This reduces business cycle times and delivers a healthy competitive advantage for your business.
  • Reduce (or even eliminate) dual entry of data to save time and minimise data entry error by moving data seamlessly between CRM and accounting systems.
  • Reduces the workload on accounts by allowing sales staff to have controlled access to accounting functions such as quotation and invoice creation.
See how CRM integration works with Sage, have a look at this video.


Telephone Integration Benefits:

Telephone Integration Benefits:

The ability to call all your contacts from your smartphone or mobile device via CRM Mobile (a link to the CRM mobile section). Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with your CRM is a primary ROI driver for many organisations to purchase CRM. This is simple to implement and more affordable than you might think and the benefits of CTI integration are:

  • Increases the time your staff spend on the phone dealing with incoming calls or with outbound telemarketing
  • Can automatically dial any list from your CRM
  • Simple Click-to-Dial any number in the CRM
  • Inbound call control and screen pop
  • Can manage call-back promises
  • All calls logged to contact history

SMS/Text Integration Benefits:

SMS/Text Integration Benefits:

ACT Mobile Messenger is an immediate communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a text message to any contact or group in Act!. It is great for any application that requires instant communication and it will automatically record the details in the contact history including message detail, dates and times.

What organisations commonly communicate using SMS / text messaging:

Utilities Education Retail Healthcare Logistics Financial services
Outages School and social Confirmations Appointments Deliveries Transactions
Service Appointments Security Surveys Feedback Confirmations Notifications
Upgrades Schedule changes Invitations Reminders Scheduling Security
Emergencies Attendance Loyalty Vaccinations Reminders Anti-fraud
Appointment cancellation Staff notices Promotions Information Updates Updates
Refuse Collection Urgent notices Notifications Health Education Staff Updates Balances

Time & Billing for ACT!

Time & Billing for ACT!

Xact Time & Billing integrates with ACT! Contact Manager to offer the complete job management solution. Now you can manage jobs, customers and accounts all from one place!

SEAMLESS OPPORTUNITIES makes quoting in Act! easy. Create quotes, tenders or proposals in minutes, create and customise your own templates, pick from your product list, quote in different currencies and track your opportunities.

  • Capture: In many organisations time often slips through un-billed. With Xact’s Time & Billing for ACT! no activity goes unrecorded. Now you can easily capture all your activity information, every time.
  • Manage: with Time & Billing for ACT! you can review, update and complete activities, ensuring the data remains accurate and up-to-date. You can also ensure accountability by tracking activities and invoices back to the record manager, and keep track of products used by adding line items to any Time and Billing ticket.
  • Bill: Combine Time & Billing with selected Xact Accounting Links and you can turn completed Time & Billing activities into invoices direct from ACT! with the click of a button, eliminating duplication of data and reducing data entry errors. You can also bill for entire projects by merging multiple activities into a single invoice.

Quotation Integration Benefits:

Quotation Integration Benefits:


SEAMLESS OPPORTUNITIES makes quoting in Act! easy. Create quotes, tenders or proposals in minutes, create and customise your own templates, pick from your product list, quote in different currencies and track your opportunities.

  • Forget separate programs
  • Customise your own templates using Microsoft® Word.
  • Build your own product database with images.
  • Provide quotes in different currencies.