Our CRM Consultancy Services

We offer a comprehensive range of CRM services tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our services start with importing your existing contact information from spreadsheets, emails, or other data sources. We then proceed to design your CRM fields and layouts, create organisation-specific reports, and develop customised workflows. Finally, we provide training for both new and existing team members, as well as ongoing training support.

Business goals

Have you used selling systems, sales coaches and marketing consultants to help grow your organisation? Have their ideas hit the mark? Often the results are disappointing because implementing their tried and tested techniques without a CRM backbone is too complicated. Hire us to take the best in sales, marketing and service techniques and translate them into a powerful tailored and structured CRM system.

Only by understanding your organisation can we help implement a better solution.

  • 1. What does your organisations do?
  • 2. What is your strategic goal?
  • 3. How do you achieve your current results?
  • 4. Which areas are holding you back?

Having answers to the above questions and working together we will identify CRM features which deliver the highest value to your organisation. The scale of your CRM initiative and your familiarity with CRM will determine what level of consultancy will deliver the best value to you and your organisation.

CRM Strategy Development

We begin by understanding your business model, customer base, and business processes. Our consultancy process is designed to provide a seamless and successful CRM implementation, starting with asking you four basic questions:

  1. What does your organisation do?
  2. What are your strategic goals?
  3. How do you currently achieve your results?
  4. Which areas are holding you back?

By comprehensively addressing these four essential questions, we ensure that our CRM implementation process is targeted towards meeting your organisation’s unique needs.

CRM Implementation Services

Once the CRM strategy is ready, our team of experts handles the entire CRM implementation and onboarding process. We ensure that the system is set up correctly, integrates smoothly with your other business systems, and functions effectively to support your operations.

CRM Training and Support

We believe that proper training is crucial for a successful CRM implementation. Therefore, we offer comprehensive and tailored training to your team. We understand that not everyone needs the same level of CRM functionality, so our personalised approach ensures that everyone can use the CRM system effectively. Moreover, our support doesn’t end with implementation; we provide ongoing assistance to help both you and new team members get the most out of your CRM system.

CRM Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis is key to understanding your customers’ behaviours and preferences. We assist you in analysing the data collected by the CRM system and provide comprehensive reports that inform your business decisions.

CRM System Integration

Our services are not limited to CRM. We specialise in systems integration, ensuring that your CRM system works seamlessly with other business systems. To improve efficiency and reduce costs, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated CRM lead generation, quoting tools, and email marketing solutions.