CRM Consultancy

Smarter Business is an Irish database and CRM consultancy, specialising in increasing organisational efficiency, productivity, sales and customer services. By focusing on business process improvement and systems integrations we help you achieve the KPI’s that make all these benefits possible. You already know how to manage your clients and your prospective customers. If your business systems were simplified not only would this save time but it would increase productivity and reduce costs.

Business goals

Have you used selling systems, sales coaches and marketing consultants to help grow your organisation? Have their ideas hit the mark? Often the results are disappointing because implementing their tried and tested techniques without a CRM backbone is too complicated. Hire us to take the best in sales, marketing and service techniques and translate them into a powerful tailored and structured CRM system.

Only by understanding your organisation can we help implement a better solution.

  • 1. What does your organisations do?
  • 2. What is your strategic goal?
  • 3. How do you achieve your current results?
  • 4. Which areas are holding you back?

Having answers to the above questions and working together we will identify CRM features which deliver the highest value to your organisation. The scale of your CRM initiative and your familiarity with CRM will determine what level of consultancy will deliver the best value to you and your organisation.