Customer mapping including prospective customers and assets

Visualise and understand your market better with mapping.

Every day we use internet maps from Google, Microsoft, Mapquest and with the introduction Eircode postcodes, we have more choices to find directions and route planning.

It’s never been easier to find an individual addresses and with Irish postcodes we can now bring complete customer mapping including prospects and assets to your CRM.

Most organisations have not yet had the opportunity to visualise all their customers, prospects and assets. You do now.

Dublin 8 (Eircode D08 **** )map: Contacts based on Business Relationship.
ACT Google Mapping

Geo mapping advantages for your organisation

Act! software users have benefited for years from Google map integration, providing directions to individual contacts with just one click.
Today Smarter Business can provide complete customer mapping including prospects and assets.

  • Easily, geographically locate customer, lead and asset clusters
  • Planning multi – route driving schedules
  • Makes sales and service call planning extremely efficient
  • Better market perspective of customers, contacts and assets
  • Visualisation of market penetration, coverage and competitive pressure
  • Share map information with clients, sales staff and others