On-premises, self hosting web, Cloud – Software as a Service ( SaaS), Hybrid ( On premise & Cloud) or Mobile
Your choices depend on how you want to access your CRM, the functionality the software offers, the devices that can run the software and payment method. Act! Premium or Act Premium Cloud? The choice is yours.

Act Premium or Act Premium Cloud?

How, where and when do you want to access your data? How do you want want to manage and pay for the CRM?
Act! software offers you the choice to own your software with a perpetual licence or subscription when you choose Act Premium. Act Premium Cloud and Fieldmotion are by subscription. Benefits include all latest upgrades and API connections, support all without any capital costs. The Cloud subscription option make working from anywhere possible with disaster recovery and financial cost predictability included!
Act! Premium software is not only available on-premises – there are five ways to view Act! Premium remotely:

  • 1. Act! Premium (& for Web)
  • 2. Act! Premium Synchronisation
  • 3. Act! Premium Cloud
  • 4. Act! over your VPN
  • 5. Act! Companion ( available with Premium for Web and Cloud) : Android, Apple , Windows mobile

Web, mobile and synchronised access deployment is included as part of perpetual or subscriptions of Act Premium at no extra cost.
All subscription customers are entitled to the latest version of Act which includes all new product functionality, software integrations and connections from services like Zapier and Cloud Elements. Have you business apps that would make sense to
connect with Act? Contact Smarter Business and lets talk.


Act Premium Cloud - Software as a Service (SaaS)

Act Premium Cloud and Fieldmotion deliver Cloud application advantages and the benefits of SaaS.

You get access to the applications, including software updates, security, availability, and performance without the large capital costs.

Access your Act Premium Cloud CRM and Fieldmotion anywhere:

  • 1. PC or laptop
  • 2. Mobile device: Phone or Tablet (Android, Apple OIS)

Got In-House IT guru(s)? – Choose Act Premium which includes Act Premium for Web.

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